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The Collection Ferrante 2018/19 keeps the classic-sportive mood, which it has brought the company to assert for the style proposed and the quality of the garments, always made with natural and luxury yarns, completely made in Italy.
Although without missing any innovations, the main one is represented from the extension of the knitted Jackets options, from big success for the man who always desires to dress up in a practical and formal way.
In fact, we will find the impeccable jackets, which they keep the comfort of the jumper.
Another newness is represented from the “animalier” prints, proposed with jacquard inlay craftily made for a unique result.
There are many options of colors and outfits, for any personality and needs of contemporary dressing.


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Soft shapes, versatility, engaging details, made the AW Ferrante womenswear collection 2018/19, young and extremely glamour.
The moods of the collection, rigorously characterized by the knit, are the glam party, in which the velvets, the embroideries and a touch of sequins, wisely combined, express charm and femininity.
The city time, for the daily excessive attention to details, an original mix-match of manufactures and colors, which makes the Ferrante’s woman always original and unique.
The weekend theme with pastel colors and informal lines, delicate and romantic, which emphasized the concept of sensual femininity, the all made with high luxury ECO texture.
Themes are studied for a contemporary woman, who loves customize fashion in her own way, mixing different moods, always seeking for more unique and cosmopolitan looks.


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Ferrante Collezione Donna Ai1819 Anteprima Home 2 Prova2
Ferrante Collezione Donna Ai1819 Anteprima Home 1 Prova2

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