Ferrante Outlet

38, Po street –  Sambuceto 66020
San Giovanni Teatino (CH) – Italy
PH. +39 (0)854465928


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4, Italia avenue
07100 Sassari
PH. +39 (0)79.237118


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Sofia Outlet center

7, Iskarsko Shausse BLVD
1528 Sofia (Bulgary)


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23, Conserva street
72100 Brindisi (Italy)
PH. +39(0)831524805


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Store project

To become our partner means being able to avail of, while benefitting from, a historic brand of Italian knitwear, with the certainty of being backed by an efficient and dynamic organization, strengthened by years of tradition, experience and competence.
It also means to share our taste for refinement and elegance: a Ferrante store expresses these concepts also through its design, since the materials and the colors are chosen and combined one by one, hue by hue, to create a soft and enveloping effect, dynamic and young at the same time, thanks to the use of fair shades marked by determined shapes: modules, walls, design elements and bright plafonds that, like geometrical ribbons, draw a harmonic and functional space, in which the weaves and the colors of the Ferrante clothes are intensified also thanks to the preponderance of the white color. Floor and walls melt, thus, in a continuous surface marked only by the tones of the varnishing, of the wood and of the blasted glasses.
Beside the single-brand stores, Amedeo Ferrante creates also refined corners inside shops where brands of the same exclusivity can be found, personalizing them on the concept that characterizes the ambience.

To us, the choice of a reliable partner is essential: Amedeo Ferrante strives to construct a peer relationship with its affiliates, a relationship based on trust and partnership, built together and for the common good, and adapted to the context in which the seller works.

To know more, please contact our sales office.

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